I'm getting a lot of freezing and/or buffering, why?

If your screen is freezing or are seeing buffering while streaming A1 IPTV it is generally due to a number of of reasons:

  1. Your device may be consuming high resources, in which case rebooting or unplugging the device, then plugging it back in and restarting the app will oftentimes cure this and other problems the device may be experiencing.
  3. If unplugging the device did not help. you can then try unplugging your router and waiting about 15 seconds before plugging it back in and trying again. This oftentimes clears buffering and freezing issues, as well as issues in not being able to connect at all.
  5. If you have a mobile hotspot on your smart phone you can try turning it on and connecting your device to that instead of the wifi, or if you do not have a mobile hotspot you can install an IPTV Player on your phone and try connecting with the wifi turned off. If that solves the issue then you know that the problem is in the wifi, router or with your ISP and one of the steps below should resolve the issue.  
  7. Your Router or Computer Firewall may not be allowing the IPTV streams to flow unimpeded to your device, in which case you may need to open Port 8080 in your Firewall and/or create a Port forwarding rule in your Router to forward all traffic to Port 8080 to the I.P. Address of your IPTV Device.  To check this open a web browser and navigate to: https://yougetsignal.com, the click on Port Forwarding Tester. You will see 2 boxes, one for Remote Address and a second for Port Number, in the second box change the "80" to "8080" and click on the Check box. If it shows Port 8080 is closed, then it is being blocked in the router and will need to be opened in the Router and/or Firewall. Both are easy to do, but the procedure will vary based on the Router Manufacturer and Firewall application used.  A simple Google search should provide numerous instruction guides.  Your search should include:  "port forward router and include the manufacturer and model" and/or "open port in windows firewall"  or whatever the name is of your firewall.
  9. It could also be that your ISP is throttling your connection while streaming. To check this open a web browser on any device that is connected to your network and navigate to https://fast.com, to test your internet speed while streaming media. If your connection speed is below around 15 MB/Sec then it is likely that you are being throttled.  Fast.com is the only speed tester that actually checks your internet speed while streaming, and was developed by Netflix in their ongoing battle with ISP's and to prove that they do in fact throttle connections. If your ISP is throttling your internet connection then the solution is to use a VPN
  11. If Port 8080 is open and you are not being throttled and are connecting through WiFi, there may be interference in the line, which could also account for freezing and buffering issues, and the solution would be to either change the wifi channel, relocate the Router to a location with less interference, use a WiFi Extender to boost the signal, or if the Router is old and dated, you might even consider purchasing a new router, or getting your ISP to replace the one you have.It
  13. Installing a VPN on the device(s) being used to stream IPTV can also cure the issue of Port 8080 being blocked, without requiring you to open the Port in your Router
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