If you love your A1 IPTV and want to refer friends, relatives or strangers to us, or if somebody asks about the TV service you are using and you want to send them our way, then we want to reward you!

For anyone that you refer who purchases any 1 or 3 month plan, we will add a free month of service to your account.  If they purchase a 6 month plan, we'll add 2 months of service to your account, and if they buy a 1 year plan we'll tack on an extra 3 months of free service to your account.

Why aren't the referral bonuses linear you ask?  I mean that would make sense right?  If they buy a 1 month plan and we give you 1 month of free service, then why not 3 months on a 3 month plan, or 12 months when they buy a 12 month plan?  The answer is also pretty simple:  Our prices aren't linear and provide for pricing discounts for longer term plans, but our costs in providing the service are consistent, so the longer the term that an individual signs up for the less we make.

Nothing would make us happier than to be able to give you free service for life, but nothing would make us sadder than not being able to put food on the table.  So, we've done our best to find a middle ground: one where we can reward you without us having to go hungry, and one that we hope that you can appreciate.

How do I let you know I referred someone you ask?  You can let us know in any number of ways: 

1.  You can tell them to put your name in the Notes section when they place their order, but that doesn't guarantee that they will.

2.  You can open a chat with us and give us their name.

3.  You can open a support ticket and give us their name.

4.  You can email us @ support@a1iptv.com

5.  If you have a really great arm you could write their name and yours on a rock and throw it at us, but we would really appreciate it if you would consider any of the alternatives listed above instead.

Thursday, August 19, 2021

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